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DirectGoTM solution is one of Axflix technology solutions which aims to help all sizes of retailers and organizations to operate their business and comply with our country’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) with ease.


This solution helps to capture body temperature, health data and record personal information of any visitors without the hassle of paperwork and physical contact. Retailers and organizations can easily check all visitors’ health records via the app or on the admin portal, and immediately report to the authorities if there is an outbreak. 

Features & Highlights

Clean & Safe

You use your own mobile phone to register! No sharing of pen & paper is needed.

Quick & Easy

User with the app installed will instantly be given a QR code. You can print or show it through your phone. Merchant will have a choice of “You scan me” or “I scan you” features to ensure who does the work.

Auto Data Capturing

Register once and use forever. You are freed from repeatedly filling in your personal data. As a merchant, there is no longer a challenge of reading illegible handwriting. With this app, visitor data is captured automatically with improved data accuracy.

Mobile Phone Validation

We use OTP to validate user mobile phone to ensure contact accuracy. You know who to call when there is an outbreak. The chances of faking personal details are greatly reduced.

AI Contactless Face

Recognition Thermometer

Key Features

  • Exquisite appearance – 8-inch Full HD capacitive touch screen

  • High face recognition rate – 99% Accuracy

  • Artificial Intelligence – Anti-spoofing algorithm

  • Environmental adaptability – Intelligently adjust the ISP algorithm in poor light

  • Weatherproof – Water and Dustproof

  • Offline authentication – Authentication can be done on the device without the use of Internet

Mobile Applications

QR Code


Health Declaration


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