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We help businesses design, develop and integrate  technology solutions to overcome commercial challenges.

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Why Axflix

Axflix is dedicated to design and create ROI driven advanced technology solutions that deliver magnificent results to your business. 


We take your visions and deliver them to the world, wrapped in stunning visual design and built to last. Whatever your idea is, we will work with you to refine it, meet your objectives, and ensure that our digital solution is in premium quality.

What We Do

Our Client-Focused Services


Our designers strive to create stunning designs and make the user's interaction as simple and as efficient as possible in terms of accomplishing user's goals.

UI/UX Design

UI / UX Design

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We ensure our solutions are aligns to your business need and help you to achieve impact and value from your investment,

Enterprise Solution Development

Enterprise Solutions Development


Our adaptive design will ensure the best user experience by adapting to the user’s situational needs and capabilities.

App Development

App Development


We create great user experience by making sure our website design is optimized for usability and functionality

Web Development

Web Development


Industries We Serve

Bespoke Solutions For Every Industry

We focus on innovative technologies that provide valuable insight into the business with the best technological solution and fault-tolerant architecture.

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  • VOIP

  • iSMS

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  • transportation(tesla)

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  • banking & finance services

Mobile Application
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  • private app store

  • private messaging platform

  • virtual number system

Media & Entertainment
  • video streaming platform

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Enterprise Consumer
  • dealer & agent platform

  • loyalty system

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Who We Are

About Axflix

An Industry Leader

Axflix Malaysia is a leading technology solutions provider focusing on providing a cutting-edge business solution, offering scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

We translate the needs and goals of our clients into reliable technology solution where utility, ease of use and efficiency are key factors. By implementing the best design and top technologies, we give our clients a competitive advantage in businesses.


Recent Projects Include

Featured Projects


Agriculture Solution

Planture is designed to allow planters and other stakeholders to have a streamline work process at their agriculture process. By digitalizing and automating the processes, we believe that the traceability and the monitoring of field operations can drastically improved the issues of missing crops and crop loss – causing plantations to see potential yield increases.


What People Say About Us


Positive feedback from our clients regarding the services we've provided

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Jason R.

 Head of People & Culture at Tunetalk

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  I am truly impressed with how fast they work and how accomodating they were to my request with regards to the app customization and functions. Even our CEO was impressed with how efficient and hands-on they were in helping us automate the entire manual process above into a hassle-free solution via the DirectGo App. They are very receptive to improvement suggestions to the app capabilities and functionality. Would highly recommend this app and the team behind it. 

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