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Let's Bring Back Education Again!

A solution specially designed to manage the day-to-day administrative tasks of schools and allow schools to digitally monitor the daily activities along with managing all resources and information on a single platform.

What Is DirectEdu Solution?

When it comes to managing school, classes, parents, attendance, results everything cannot be done with perfection, Moreover, managing and organizing each class and scheduling everything with perfection is not humanly possible. An efficient online school management software can get the job done with perfection and that too fully online.


DirectEdu solution is a multipurpose school management solution which aids in automating the school’s daily operations hassle-free and provide insightful reports and 360-degree tracking so that the stakeholders can make better and faster decisions to escalate the productivity of their institution.


This solution helps to capture and record related information of their student such as health data records, attendance record, grade result and more without the hassle of paperwork work. DirecEdu solution also work as Digital library system and Digital Announcement Board. Taking over these operation admin tasks will certainly lighten teachers’ workload, allowing them to focus time and energy on helping students catch up on their studies.


Easy to Use


Interactive and Intuitive




Why DirectEdu Solution?


Boost Productivity

Lighten teacher's workload by using the solution where teachers enter data once and all of the reporting is done for them which they can save their time and focus on teaching


Auto Data Capturing

There's no longer a challenge of reading illegible handwriting. With this solution, student data is captured automatically with improved data accuracy.


Attendance Management

Students mark their attendance by just using the DirectEdu Solution and the attendance record will be stored in our cloud-based system and can be easily viewed by teachers and parents anytime, everywhere.


Enhance Efficiency

With the fully automated FR feature, a student's face can be recognized easily and the temperature screening process can be done hassle-less

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Our Interface Design

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How Does It Actually Work?

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