Our Solutions - Agent Dealer Platform

No more managing multiple platforms to meet entire digital marketing execution. Regain your focus on growing your business.

Our industry-leading technology leads the industry with innovation, dependability and value. No other platform combines more functionality into a single interface, making it easier than ever to run a dealership with efficiency and profitability. 

Dealership platform  utilizes its strong functionalities and enhances them with additional features to deliver a strong software solution for your consistent business growth. 

Modern dealers today need real-time access to comprehensive data to make fast decisions and radical changes with confidence. Axflix Agent Dealership Platform is the best choice  to run your dealership.


Deep features

A solution for every corner of the dealership and the experience is unparalleled yet approachable.


 Uncompromising efficiency

Every single page, workflow and feature is designed to combine depth of function with ease of use.


Easy Accessibility

Always-on access to the Dealership platform for any device, from any location, at anytime.


 Engage your clients

A customizable virtual dealership put the dealership experience directly in the hands of your clients, wherever they are.


Our Solutions - VOIP

A Smarter Programmable Contact Center. Go beyond calling, add new experiences to your contact center with ease

Real-time insight into caller sentiments and emotions enables better decision-making, support, and outcomes.

Turn recordings into actionable insights using simple keyword searches to identify trends within your call transcripts.

Make and receive calls within your contact center application and retain client conversations in one place.

Protect you against VoIP theft due to vulnerable equipment/configuration. Additional security features including Destination Access Lists, and Network Access Control are standard.




Save time and cost


High Performance

Quality calls with low latency and clear audio.


Private & Secure

With us, your data is protected and securely stored. High-performance service with zero risk and downtime.


Global Accessible Service

Support multiple voice notification, implement dynamic voice content and ensure delivery.

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Quality Service

Carrier, security, and  teams work around the clock to improve service and handle incidents.

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Axflix iSMS platform, is built to support a wide range of mobile formats for a myriad of different industries, allowing for powerful and direct reach to the mobile users worldwide.

Our Solutions - iSMS

97% of the world’s population are on mobile devices. Axflix open API direct connections to leading mobile operators provides a market access to more than 2 billion mobile users be it for interactions, notifications, authentications, security and / or payments.

With our solution, connecting to the messaging platform is seamless and speedy with ready SDKs (WEBkit, APPkit, API) to your preferred choice.

Axflix iSMS platform is connected directly to various mobile operators with a coverage area of whole Asia region.


Exclusive SMS Channel

With the smart messaging platform, send message with what you want.


Stable & Reliable

Delivery status report in real time, and ensures that the sending service is safe and reliable.


Global Accessible Service

Easily connect with anyone in the world with a single API, making delivery performance no longer unpredictable.


Quality Service

Carrier, security, and  teams work around the clock to improve service and handle incidents.